Musashi Testimonials

I like the Musashi Karate Club because it builds my confidence to protect myself and I meet new friends.
(Junior Blue belt) Joe (2012)

My 9 year old son has been a member of the Musashi Karate Club for two years now and has had excellent training from dedicated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructors. Sensei Jamie and Sensei Nicola aided by the very able Steve and Karl go out of their way to ensure that the children are aware not only what they need to know in order to progress,
but of the standards expected of them from the martial art itself and for the protection of themselves and the other children in the group.

It is a friendly club which provides a safe environment for fun and exercise in equal measure to the martial art requirements. I wholeheartedly recommend Musashi Karate to adults and their children alike. It's so good my 14 year old daughter wanted to join and has now been a happy member for the last year too.
Steve (Children's taxi driver!)

I have been there from the very first class and loved it. Still there as it has a great vibe and everyone is friendly. Sensei Jamie is so enthusiastic and can talk about Karate all night. My kids also love it.
(Iqi - Adult Brown belt)

The gang thoroughly enjoyed your slot and so did I; it was brilliant fun with a very serious and valid point which is the very essence of good coaching.
I can’t thank you enough for what you did and just for making the effort to come in the first place.
Archie Higgins 6th Dan Ju-Jitsu

'My son has been going to the Musashi Karate Club for a long time now and loves it. So after being greatly impressed by the way the juniors class is run and the instruction given,  I decided it was time to try. With a huge amount of trepidation, totally out of my comfort zone and with no Martial arts background at all, I signed up. There are few things in life I regret, but now looking back I really wish I had joined sooner. Jamie is a first class instructor whom instantly puts you at ease. The way he teaches the moves makes it so understandable and practical. His knowledge of Karate is tremendous and most impressive. What also is a major plus he is a genuinely nice person. The other pupils in the class are all extremely friendly and always on hand to help and give advice when needed. All in all it's a brilliant class and would highly recommend joining.' Gordon (2012)

"Musashi Karate is a great example of what the BCA stands for, by being a 'not for profit' club doing great things for both adults and children in the local community. Sport, Self Defence and Fitness, it's all possible at Musashi."
Peter Consterdine 9th Dan - Co-Chief Instructor - British Combat Association - the UK's foremost Self Defence & Mixed Martial Arts Association

It is a pleasure to know Jamie both as a fellow karateka and friend.  He is enthusiastic both in his teaching and in his study of karate.  I am sure that anyone that trains with as a student or partner will be impressed by his enthusiasm and his passion.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor, or just wishing to visit his club.

Colin Steel – 4th Dan Karate,

"Jamie Gray has been a regular on my seminars, has visited my home dojo to train, and is one of the small number to complete my introductory instructors course in kata application and applied karate. He is one of the "new breed" of karateka who stays true to the traditional principles of karate whilst ensuring its relevance to the needs of the modern world. I have no hesitations recommending Jamie to all seeking instruction in the combative side of karate"

Iain Abernethy 5th Dan (Mar-2009)

“I rescind all previous endorsements of Jamie and wish to formally disassociate myself from him all the he stands for. If you want to know all that is wrong with the world then look no further than Jamie Gray”

Iain Abernethy 6th Dan

And now for the real one ;-) ….

“Jamie Gray – a full instructor with me – is one of a small number of people who I would unreservedly recommend to those wishing to practise traditional karate in a pragmatic and holistic fashion. Jamie’s ceaseless desire to further his own knowledge and the open approach of Musashi Karate has put the group at the cutting edge. Jamie also has a great sense of humour and his warm and friendly nature is reflected in the group he heads as chief instructor.”

Iain Abernethy 6th Dan (Oct 2010)

An experienced Karate-ka in a traditional style, Jamie is an exemplary, committed and dedicated instructor.
Passionate for the growth and development of pragmatic martial arts and enthusiastic to travel to seminars and courses, his positive attitude and friendly approach makes him a pleasure to be around.
I have trained and taught with him and can truly recommend him as an instructor that fully embodies the true essence of karate.

Neil Pottinger 4th Dan Jissen Karate.


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