Musashi Karate Club


"Welcome to the Musashi Karate Club - Traditional Jissen Karate & Bunkai Jutsu." 

We are a traditional karate club based in the south west of Scotland. We are a forward thinking club and focus on practical applied karate.

From White belt to Black belt, the program at Musashi Karate has been tailored by the experienced coaching staff to ensure that each and every beginner to the club is taken through a modular training program that offers everyone the possibility of achieving the prestigious black belt, from a club where earning a black belt means something.

For the experienced martial artist whether it is karate or another system, Musashi Karate has a particular interest in practical self protection and has built the syllabus and training around that principle. This approach will inspire and broaden any existing student’s knowledge and with the open minded attitude can only enhance their current abilities.

The sincerity and seriousness of a traditional dojo is maintained in a fun, safe and relaxed training environment.

Please use this website to gain a greater understanding of Musashi Karate and feel free to contact us for more information before coming along to try out a few classes.

"Musashi Karate is a great example of what the BCA stands for, by being a 'not for profit' club doing great things for both adults and children in the local community. Sport, Self Defence and Fitness, it's all possible at Musashi."

Peter Consterdine 9th Dan - Co-Chief Instructor - British Combat Association - the UK's foremost Self Defence & Mixed Martial Arts Association


Musashi Karate Club
Alloway Primary School,
Jamie Gray on 01292 571824

Training Times
Monday and Wednesday Nights
Children's Classes: 6pm - 7pm
Adult's Classes: 7pm - 8.30pm


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